IB HL Revision Notes

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Peace and Cooperation: International organisations and multi-party states, 1918-36

The Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1945-79

Communism in Crisis, 1976-1989

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Causes, Practices and Effects of Wars

The First World War

Chinese Civil War

Spanish Civil War

The Second World War

Vietnam War

Gulf War 1991

Paper 3 Revision Notes: £90 each

France, 1774-1870

Italy, 1815-1870

Germany, 1815-1963

Russia, 1855-1964

International Relations, 1870-1945

Gladstone and Disraeli

Civil rights in the USA from 1918

The USA, 1918-1953

Italy, 1890-1945

The Spanish Civil War

The Cold war in Europe

The USA, 1953-2001