'2-4': a new range of materials for GCSE History

The 2018 GCSE History awarding resulted in Level 2 in AQA and Edexcel having increased significance. In both cases, Grades 4, 5 and 6 were all awarded in Level 2 of the markscheme. Grade 7 was on the boundary between Level 2 and 3 and in many cases fell in Level 2. Therefore, the simplest and easiest way for schools to increase performance at Grades 4-6 is to encourage students to reach Level 2. 

In both AQA and Edexcel, Level 2 means being about to write 'developed statements', i.e. paragraphs. Our new range of resources aims to develop students' ability to write two clear paragraphs describing features or giving reasons. Each unit contains content expressed in simple and easily understandable terms and a series of exercises requiring students to write two paragraphs and to answer a utility question on sources. The aim is to build up students' confidence and enable them to progress from Grades 2-3 to Grade 4.

Each unit costs £15, but until the end of October 2018, we will be offering four units for £50, or 8 units for £90. A full list of the units available and in preparation is given below.

​1 Germany, 1918-23
2 Germany under Stresemann
3 The Rise of the Nazi Party
4 How did Hitler come to power?
5 Life in Nazi Germany
6 Russia 1914-1918
7 Civil War and NEP
8 Stalin’s rise to dictatorship
9 Collectivisation and Five-Year Plans
10 The USA, 1917 to 1923
11 The Boom, 1923-1929
12 Depression, 1929-1933
13 New Deal, 1933-1941
14 The Norman Conquest, 1066-1070
15 The Norman Church
16 Castles and Cathedrals
17 Law and Domesday
18 Elizabeth the Queen
19 The Religious Settlement
20 Catholics
21 Puritans
22 Spain
23 Medicine in the Middle Ages
24 Medicine during the Renaissance
25 Medicine, 1700-1850
26 Medicine, 1850-1901
27 Medicine during the World Wars
28 Medicine since 1945
29 Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages
30 Crime and Punishment, 1500-1750
31 Crime and Punishment, 1750-1850
32 Crime and Punishment, 1850-1900
32 Crime and Punishment, 1900 to the present day
33 The Causes of the First World War
34 Trench warfare
35 Versailles and the League of Nations, 1919-29
36 Manchuria and Abyssinia
37 Hitler’s Foreign Policy
38 The Cold War, 1945-1949
39 Hungary and Peaceful Coexistence
40 Cuba
41 Vietnam
42 Czechoslovakia, 1968
43 Détente, 1963-1975
44 The Second Cold War, 1979-1985
45 The End of the Cold War, 1985-1991
46 The American West, 1830s-1851
47 The Plains Indians
48 The American West, 1851-1876
49 Homesteaders and Cattlemen
50 Law and Order in the West

A Level Revision Notes for Edexcel International A Level see page in menu for full details

AQA The Reign of Edward I: Student Workbook, Revision Notes, Revision Pack and 5-9

AQA Restoration England, 1660-1685: Student Workbook, Revision Notes, Revision Pack and 5-9

Edexcel British America, 1713-83; empire and revolution: Student Workbook, Revision Notes, Revision Pack, 5-9


AQA Norman England, 1066-1100 £85

AQA Britain: Health and the People, 1000 to present £120

Edexcel Crime and Punishment in Britain, c. 1000-present and Whitechapel £120

Edexcel Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest, 1060-8 £85

AQA and Edexcel Norman  E-Books contain more than 110 pages with detailed diagrams, many visuals, specimen exam papers and numerous exam questions.

​AQA Health and the People is more than 150 pages in length with many visuals, specimen papers and numerous exam questions and very detailed coverage of all issues.

Edexcel Crime and Punishment is more than 200 pages in length with many visuals, specimen papers and numerous exam questions and very detailed coverage of all issues.


E-Books and Revision Notes for Cambridge IGCSE

Full Coverage of the new Edexcel IGCSE specification 

A Level revision notes for AQA

1J The British Empire, 1857-1967

2D Religious conflict and the Church in England, c. 1529-c. 1570

A Level Revision notes for Edexcel

31 Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485-1603

3.33 The witch craze in Britain and North America, c. 158-c.1750 £80

34.2 Poverty, public health and the state in Britain, c.1780-1939

35.1 Britain: losing and gaining an empire, 1763-1914

37.2 Germany, 1871-1990: united, divided and reunited

38.1 The making of modern Russia, 1855-1991

'5-9' for AQA and Edexcel GCSE: four specimen papers for each unit with templates for grades 5 and 9 for each one

Exam Packs for AQA AS and A Level extracts and  sources questions: £60 each

The packs contain exercises for students to help them make the best use of extracts and sources. These include specimen exam questions and outlines for answer

1F Industrialisation and the people: Britain c.1783-1885

2R The Cold War, c.1945-1991

Student Workbook for AQA 2R The Cold War: 106 pages with multiple exercises, sources and exam questions. £100

Revision Tests for GCSE History: each contains 20 objective questions ranging in difficulty. They cover basic content, factors and interpretations. £6 for each test, or 10 tests for £50 and 25 tests for £100

Topics covered: AQA Power, Edexcel warfare, The Normans and Elizabeth. Full details on the GCSE Tests page.

E-Books for

AQA Power and the people: c. 1170 to the present day

Edexcel Warfare and British Society, c. 1250-present, including London and the Second World War

Each E-Book contains:

Detailed coverage of all sections and topics in the specification

Numerous written and visual sources

Exercises for students to complete

Four complete specimen question papers with outlines for answers at Grades 5 and 9

Specification Pack for AQA 2016: £100

The pack contains:

A statistical analysis of the similarities and differences between the markschemes for 2013 and 2016

Details requirements of grades 4-5 and 8-9 - what do your students need to know and be able to do.

What levels they will need to achieve for key grades.

Templates for Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 for all questions on the four papers

New GCSE materials

E-Books and Student Workbooks for AQA and Edexcel

Student Workbooks for OCR A and B and WJEC

​Please go to the relevant pages for details

Revision Pack for Edexcel Medicine in Britain; this is a folder with 23 exercises, three tests and a practice paper with guidance for Grades 5 and 9.

New A Level Revision Notes: £85 each

Just published: £80

AQA: 2B The Wars of the Roses, 1450-1499

AQA: 2F The Sun King: Louis XIV 1643-1715

AQA: 2S The Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007

Edexcel: 1H Britain transformed, 1918-97

Sections 1 and 2 are combined; sections 3 and 4 and the historical interpretation are dealt with separately.

​Edexcel: 35.2 The British experience of warfare, c.1790-1918

OCR: Y313 The Ascendancy of France, 1610-1715


2A Britain: Health and the people: c. 1000 to the present day
2B Britain: Power and the people: c. 1170 to the present day

Edexcel GCSE Revision Notes: £90 each

10: Crime and Punishment in Britain, c.1000-present and Whitechapel, c.1870-c.1900

11: Medicine in Britain, c,1250-present and The British Sector of the Western front, 1914-18

OCR A Revision Notes: £90 each

Monarchy and Democracy in Britain, c. 1000 to 2014
War and British Society, c. 790 to c. 2010

WJEC Revision Notes: £90 each

2A The Development of the USA, 1929-2000
2B The Development of Germany, 1919-1991
2C The Development of the USSR, 1924-1991
2D The Development of the UK, 1919-1990
2E Changes in Crime and Punishment in Britain, c.500 to the present day
2F Changes in health and Medicine in Britain, c.500 to the present day
2G The Development of Warfare in Britain, c.500 to the present day 

For options 2E, 2F and 2G, the studies of the historic environment for 2018-19 and 2020-21 will be included in the notes. 


A Level 2015

Details of Revision Notes published for the new A Level specifications can be found on the relevant pages in the menu on the right.

A Level notes which have been published recently

AQA 1K The making of a Superpower: USA 1865-1975

Edexcel 2F.2 South Africa, 1948-94: from apartheid state to 'rainbow nation'

​OCR Y101 Alfred and the making of England, 871-1016

​OCR Y308 The Catholic Reformation, 1492-1610

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