​Y101 Alfred and the making of England, 871-1016

Y102 Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest, 1035-1107

Y105 England, 1445-1509: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Tudors

Y106 England, 1485-1558: The Early Tudors

Y107 England, 1558-1603: The Later Tudors

Y108 The early Stuarts and the Civil War, 1603-1660

Y110 From Pitt to Peel: Britain, 1783-1853

Y111 Liberals, Conservatives and the Rise of Labour, 1846-1918

Y112 England and a New Century, 1900-1951

Y203 The Crusades and Crusader States, 1095-1192

Y206 Spain, 1469-1556

Y207 The German Reformation and the rule of Charles V, 1500-1559

Y208 Philip II, 1556-1598

Y212 The American Revolution, 1740-1796

Y213 The French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon, 1774-1815

Y214 France, 1814-1870

Y215 Italy and Unification, 1789-1896

Y216 The USA in the 19th Century: Westward expansion and the Civil War

Y218 International Relations, 1890-1941

Y219 Russia, 1894-1941

Y220 Italy, 1896-1943

Y221 Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany, 1919-1963

Y222 The Cold war in Asia, 1945-1993

Y223 The Cold War in Europe, 1941-1995

Y224 Apartheid and Reconciliation: South African Politics, 1948-1999

​Y308 The Catholic Reformation, 1492-1610

Y310 The development of the Nation State: France, 1498-1610

Y313 The Ascendancy of France, 1610-1715

Y316 Britain and Ireland, 1791-1921

Y318 Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1964

​Y319 Civil Rights in the USA, 1865-1992