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Welcome to London Revision, we specialise in producing high quality resources for teachers. All of our publications are sold copyright free for educational purposes only within the purchasing academic institution.

London Revision was set up in 1998 to publish materials produced by experienced examiners. Since then it has expanded to produce GCSE Revision Notes for all GCSE History specifications. We have now produced AS and A2 Revision Notes for many AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC Units and Options. We have also developed a range of materials for Citizenship.

NEW: Student Workbooks for OCR GCSE B

How was British Society changed, 1890-1918?
How far did British Society change between 1939 and the mid-1970s?

NEW: A Level and AS Revision notes at £65

Edexcel Unit1 C4 Commerce and Conquest: India, c.1760-c.1835
AQA HIS1A The Crusading Movement and the Latin East 1095-1204
OCR F962A1 The Crusaders and Crusading States, 1095-1192
OCR F966B3 Britain and Ireland, 1798-1921 Revision Notes £65
NEW for August 2013:

Full coverage of the revised AQA specification for teaching from September 2013; please go to the AQA page for full details.

NEW: Full coverage of the revised EDEXCEL specification and question papers and markschemes; please go to the EDEXCEL page for full details

REVISION PACKS for WJEC Routes A and B covering the papers from 2015 £75 each

Each packs will include exercises covering key content and exam questions with guidance on how to reach Grades C and A*. Please go to the WJEC page for full details

Please note that that all exercises in the Wales and England units will only cover England.


To help schools overcome the problems created by the changes in September 2013, we are offering reductions in prices for a limited period.

AQA Unit 1 Sections 4-6 all three E-Books reduced from £120 to £85.

AQA DEPTH STUDIES: E-Books reduced from £55 to £40.

Edexcel Unit 3 E-Books (revised) reduced from £75 to £60.

OCR: The Cold War E-Book (1945-75) reduced from £70 to £50. Depth Studies E-Books reduced from £70 to £50.

The above prices will be valid for orders received by 30th September 2013.

BASICS: a new range of E-Books and Revision Notes for AS and A Level students aiming at Grades E and D.

Recently, I have run a number of revision courses for AS and A Level students. I have noticed that the content required in history can be very testing, especially for students who have not studied history at GCSE, but also for those who are aiming for a Grade E or D. Accordingly, we are putting together a range of Basic materials (Basics), who offer straightforward coverage of key content at the level of grades E-D. These materials are currently available as E-Books or Revision Notes. In the future, we will be publishing more topics and will also produce student workbooks along the lines of our GCSE publications.

E-Books cost £45 each, or £75 for any two and £95 for three.

Revision Notes cost £30, or £50 for any two and £65 for three.

These prices will be valid until 30th September 2013.

1 International Relations 1870-1914
2 International Relations 1919-39
3 International Relations 1945-91
4 Russia 1855-1914
5 Russia 1881-1917
6 Russia 1894-1941
7 Russia 1914-1953
8 Germany 1848-70
9 Germany 1918-45
10 Italy 1848-70
11 Britain 1902-18
12 Britain 1918-51
13 China 1900-49
14 China 1949-91
15 The Middle East 1900-1994
16 Ireland 1960-94
17 The USA 1917-41
18 Civil Rights in the USA 1945-68
19 The Vietnam War 1945-75
20 France 1786-1815
21 India 1900-1949


These are based on the very successful LONDON REVISION COURSES and contain coverage of key content and exercises for all questions at Grades C and A*.

If you are unable to book a Revision Course, Exam Preparation Packs are an ideal alternative. GCSE packs are available for AQA, Edexcel and OCR SHP and Modern World; they focus students on the exact requirements for Grades C and A* and can either be used in class or set on a network for student revision at home.

Exam Preparation Packs are also ideal for students working independently; the AS and A Level Packs provide detailed advice on how to structure answers to reach the highest grades.

All Exam Preparation Packs are based on London Revision Courses which have been used in schools with great success.

GCSE Packs: £40 for one paper; £65 for two papers; £85 for three papers (Edexcel)

AS and A Level Packs £50 each

We now have available packs for the following units for AS and A Level History:


HIS1B: Britain, 1483-1529
HIS1N: Totalitarian Ideology in Theory and Practice, c. 1848-1939
HIS2H: Britain, 1902-1918, the Impact of New Liberalism
HIS2Q: The USA and Vietnam, 1961-1975
HIS3B: The Triumph of Elizabeth, Britain, 1547-1603
HIS3N: Aspects of International Relations, 1945-2004


1D3: Russia in Revolution, 1881-1924, from Autocracy to Dictatorship
1D4: Stalin’s Russia, 1924-53
1D5: Pursuing Life and Liberty, Equality in the USA, 1945-68
1D6: Ideology, Conflict and Retreat, the USA in Asia, 1950-73
2A1: Henry VIII. Authority, Nation and Religion, 1509-40
2C1: The Experience of Warfare, Crimea, Boer and the First World War, 1854-1929
3C2: The United States, 1917-54, Boom, Bust and Recovery
3E2: A World Divided, Superpower Relations, 1944-90


F962B4: From Autocracy to Communism, Russia 1894-1941

NEW AS Revision Notes £60

Edexcel 2E1: British Political History, 1945-90

OCR F961B6: Post-war Britain, 1950-94

We also supply the following materials:

E-Books are written to cover the complete content of the specification and are available in electronic form. They can be posted on VLE and used by students at home. They contain text covering the content, sources, exercises and hyperlinks to other sites offering banks of visuals, further more detailed text, biographies and other resources.

Student Workbooks are aimed at the D-C borderline and include basic content with exercises.

Revision Notes are arranged around key questions and follow the specification exactly. They are in bulletpoint form.

Revision Packs are folders of activities which are intended to be used electonically, but which can equally be used in class. Each folder contains exercises covering the full content of the unit AND a sample examintation paper with details explanation for students on answering each of the questions. Usually, there are explanation aimed at both a Grade C and a Grade A*.

Tests are objective with four possible answers; some are graded in difficulty. They are intended to enable students to master content.

AS/A Level materials are Revision Notes, E-Books (which in this case are largely text) and Tests.

AS/A level tests are more demanding with five options and five answers. Students must work out which of the five options are correct.


Edexcel AS Revision Notes: 1B4 The European Witchcraze c. 1580-c.1650 £60


AQA: Each book provides background context and coverage on utility and interpretations as appropriate, with 40+ sources for students to choose from

New for December 2012: Unit 3 Historical Enquiry

Trench Warfare on the Western Front

The war in the Air in both World Wars had the same aim: to destroy the morale of the civilian populations

The involvement of women in industry and/or agriculture in the two World Wars.

Since 1945, the position and status of women in Britain has advanced so much that women have now achieved equality with men.

The most important aim of Censorship and propaganda in Britain in both World Wars was to increase the British people's hatred of the enemy.

The National Health Service

The 1930s was a time of depression, unemployment and poverty for the British people.

Buy any section for £50 or any two for £80

Role of Women in both World Wars
Censorship and Propaganda in both World Wars
Recruitment in WW1
Evacuation in WW2
Attitudes to War in WW1
Air Raids in both World Wars
Rationing in both World Wars
The role of women in both World Wars
The Western Front in WW1
Trench Warfare in World War 1
War in the air in both World Wars
New technology in WW1 or WW2
Trench Warfare in WW1
The war at sea in both World Wars
NHS 1948
Britain in the 1930s: depression or prosperity
Government measures to deal with the Depression
The General Strike
Post-1945 Decline of Empire: India
The status of women since 1945
The Suffragette movement
The role of women in World War I and its impact

WJEC: Each E-Book reviews the evidence for and against the interpretation in the CA.

The Lives of Women in the First World War (17 pages; £60)
Haig and British Generals in the First World War (35 pages; £60)
Evacuation during the Second World War (25 pages; £60)
Dunkirk: Triumph or Disaster (22 pages; £60)


Martin Luther King

Detailed coverage of the civil rights movements from 1945 to the 1970s and a wide range of 100 sources relating to the role of MLK. (105 pages) £120


Detailed coverage of key events in his career during the First World War with 55 sources. £60


Jack the Ripper

Detailed coverage of the the Metropolitan Police Force in the late nineteenth century and the Ripper murders.

London Revision Investigations: £60 each

These contain sets of contemporary sources (30-60) which students can use to investigate and make a judgement on the most likely solution.

If you want to encourage your students to work independently and become more confident in their use of sources of evidence, LONDON REVISION INVESTIGATIONS will be perfect.

Medicine through Parish Records 1693-1702: Life and Death in a Yorkshire Village
1851 Census: Everyday Life in the mid-nineteenth century
The Assassination of the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand: Was he set up?
The Reichstag Fire: Who was responsible?
Munich: What exactly was Chamberlain up to?
The Assassination of President Kennedy: Was there a conspiracy?

How far has the importance of Martin Luther King been exaggerated?

NEW AS/A Level Units for 2012

REVISION NOTES Available NOW £60 each

AQA HIS1N: Totalitarian Ideology in Theory and Practice, 1848-1939
AQA HIS3H: Monarchies and Republics in France, 1815-1875
AQA HIS3J: The State and People; Britain, 1918-1964
AQA HIS3N: Aspects of International Relations, 1945-2004

EDEXCEL Unit 3 E2 The World Divided; Superpower Relations, 1944-90
EDEXCEL Unit 4 CW39 The USA from Reconstruction to Civil Rights
EDEXCEL Unit 4 CW40 20th Century International Relations
EDEXCEL Unit 4 CW41 Germany Divided and United, 1890-1991

OCR F962B3: The USA in the Nineteenth Century, 1803 - c. 1890
OCR F962B9: The Cold War in Europe, 1945 to the 1990s
OCR F965L: Napoleon I, 1795-1815
OCR F965N: Bismarck and German Unification, 1815-71
OCR F965Q: The Causes of World War II, 1918-41

AQA HIS3J: The State and People; Britain, 1918-1964 ETB £120

Available this Autumn:

OCR F966A: England's Changing Relations with Foreign Powers 1485-1603
EDEXCEL Unit 2 2E1: British Political History, 1945-90, Consensus and Conflict
AQA HIS3M: The Making if Modern Britain, 1951-2007
OCR F961B6: Post-war Britain, 1951-94

NEW: Key Stage 3 History E-Encyclopaedia £110

More than 400 pages and 121,000 words


Alphabetical coverage of:

Events and people in British history 1066 to the mid-twentieth century

International history, 1900-60 (at GCSE grade C-B level)

Major European events

In-depth, source-based investigations of ‘Robin Hood’, the ‘Princes in the Tower’ and the ‘Gunpowder Plot’

Explanations of key historical terms and concepts

Many entries include visuals, maps and table

Entries are cross-referenced to encourage research and many include hyperlinks to web-pages and websites with further information, activities and power-points

Free with any order of £300 or more for London Revision Materials

New: How to use evidence at AS History

Packs will contain:

Explanation of the differences between the use of evidence at GCSE and AS.

Exercises to show students how to make the change and understand the differences.

Written and visual sources with exercises to help students to tackle the questions that are set on AS Papers in Unit 2 by AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

Specimen exercises to develop evidence skills and explain how to reach the highest levels in the marks schemes.

Templates will show students how to structure answers.

Past papers will be used to explain how to answer questions.

Specimen answers will show students how best to impress examiners.

Appendix for teachers with strategies for use in the classroom at KS3 and GCSE

International Baccalaureate HL

For a complete list of our publications, please visit www.londonrevision-igcse or email us on info@londonrevision.co.uk

Special offer

Special offer

Nominate your period for Paper 3 Europe and the Middle East, e.g. 1789-1848, 1815-70. 1870-1939, and we will produce revision notes for a one-off payment of £225.
Buy one set for each of Papers 1 and 2 and a nominated period for Paper 3 for £330.

Paper 1 Revision Notes: £60

Peace and Co-operation: international organisations and multi-party states, 1918-36

The Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1945-79

Communism in Crisis, 1976-89

Paper 2 Revision Notes: £125. We will design a package for your chosen areas of study in each option.

Causes, Practices and the Effects of Wars: First World War, Chinese Civil War, Spanish Civil War, Second World War, Vietnam War, Gulf War 1991

Origins and Development of Authoritarian and Single-Party States: Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Sukarno

The Cold War

Paper 3
Revision Notes £60

France 1774-1870
International Relations 1870-1945
Germany 1870-1945

Italy 1815-1870
The USA 1917-1954
The USA 1917-1954

Germany 1815-1963
Italy 1918-1945
Italy 1918-1945

Russia 1855-1964
The Spanish Civil War

Gladstone and Disraeli
The Cold War 1945-1991

Electronic Textbooks £120

Gladstone and Disraeli
The Cold War, 1945-1991
Italy, 1918-45